Web Boomerang

3.0 Build 002031016

Download the content from a webpage and work with it off line


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Web Boomerang is a great program for working with websites offline so you can, among other things, separate the various elements that constitute a page to be viewed individually.

Web Boomerang has a user-friendly interface and is accessible to all types of user. The program can either save the entire contents of a web page or save one or more of them as individual items.

It comes with search filters that can be applied while downloading the content to your computer and you can tell Web Boomerang to download only image files, multimedia, HTML, emails, or anything else.

Once you have the information stored, you can surf the page as if you were online. In addition, you have different viewing modes (thumbnails, list, web ...) to take full advantage of the program to perfectly match your needs.

Works with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.


You have 14 days to try Web Boomerang.

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